Who We Are

Who We Are

ELCORPS is a corporation of Muslim companies from Indonesia. With 8 of its brands ELCORPS focuses on providing all Muslim lifestyle needs.

Established since 2012, ELCORPS emerged from a single company named PT. Zatta Mulya which engaged in hijab business alongside its well-known brand, Elzatta.

The power of economic synergy with lots of parties brought Elzatta to grow quickly and rapidly.

This development contributes in increasing the business scales from a company to a corporation of 8 brands underneath it: Elzatta, Zatta, Dauky, Noore, Zatta Men, El n’ Bread, Two Elements, Le Farra, and Mi’raj.

All of ELCORPS brands are actively taking part in the fashion, F&B, sports, body care, and travel industries with a halal business attitude.  ELCORPS owns more than 200 stores throughout Indonesia and also integrated with online platforms.

What We Do

Vision & Mission


Become the best and the largest Muslim corporation in the Muslim lifestyle industry, both in Indonesia and internationally.


Providing daily halal lifestyle


Become rahmatan lil ‘aalamiin relentlessly, where every single business effort made by ELCORPS is beneficial to humanity.

Who We Are

Our Story

Year after year, we keep on recording our development, from a company in the hijab industry to a Muslim lifestyle corporation which pioneering in fashion, food, sport, body care, and travel. 


Elzatta comes with femininely-designed attires to represent every personality. Elzatta, with its partnership system and actively promoted in the mass media, delivers a rapid and massive development.



DAUKY enrich the choices of fashion style by presenting a new simple, modern, and young concept.




Elzatta launches a new product line which targets men customers, ZATTA MEN. ZATTA MEN now becomes a separate brand from Elzatta.



Elzatta and Dauky begin their step on the international stage by representing Indonesian Muslim fashion at the Islam Nusantara: Diversity, Democracy, and Modernity event in New York City. The two also participate in the ‘Indonesian Weekend’ event, London, the next year.



EL N’ BREAD join the business by presenting delicious and halal bread to complete Muslim lifestyle on the halal food part. Along with that, ELCORPS corporation officially established to give ease of synergy under one roof.



ELCORPS launches three additional brands to enhance the needs of the Muslim lifestyle. Starting with NOORE, that focuses on providing sport hijab attires. The TWO ELEMENTS café, which fulfills the demand for leisure in the form of halal café. LE FARRA, which offers halal and natural body care products.



ELCORPS integrated business area with 14,500 m2 begins to operate. The building covers almost all supply chain and managerial process. Along with it, ELCORPS presents MI’RAJ to fulfill the demand for halal travel.



NOORE’s lunge in the international event began after being elected as the official wardrobe for the Indonesian national team in the 2018 ASEAN GAMES. NOORE is the first and the only Indonesian brand to take part in 2019 ISPO MUNICH, one of many startup companies that chosen by Bekraf to attend 2019 SXSW in Texas, USA.

Our Awards


Di antara jalinan ikhtiar menjalankan kiprah bisnis maupun sosial, CEO ELCORPS, Ibu Elidawati dan ELCORPS mendapatkan banyak apresiasi dari lembaga maupun komunitas masyarakat di dalam negeri maupun di luar negeri.